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A Room of One’

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In Virginia Woolf’s essay A Room of One’s Own; Woolf writes of incandescent mind.  Woolf mentions having a “unity of mind” a writer must possess.

The passage:

“Clearly the mind is always altering its focus, and bringing the world into different perspectives. But some of these states of mind seem, even if adopted spontaneously, to be less comfortable than others. In order to keep oneself continuing in them one is unconsciously holding something back, and gradually the repression becomes an effort. But there may be some state of mind in which one could continue without an effort because nothing is required to be held back.” (63)

Woolf seems to be admitting that a state of mind that is disconnected from the rest of mind will negate the incandescence. For instance, if a mind is angry, you must try and unify your mind so that you are able to reach a state of mind where “nothing is required to be held back.”

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