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Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own

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After reading A Room of One’s Own, I can further appreciate Virginia Woolf.  The fact that Woolf created her own style of writing must have been difficult, but she was also a woman creating this new style, when many men around the world believed women couldn’t/shouldn’t write.

In A Room of One’s Own, Woolf says, “Mary is tampering with the expected sequence.  First she broke the sentence; now she has broken the sequence.  Very well, she has every right to do both these things if she does them not for the sake of breaking, but for the sake of creating” (55).  In this quote I believe Woolf is referring to her own style of writing.  As readers, we can see how Woolf has strayed from the linear, traditional writing style of her time and has created her own style by including common interruptions.  Click here to see a video on more information about the Modernist writing styles (start at 5:20).  When Woolf writes that Mary had “every right…if she does them not for the sake of breaking, but for the sake of creating,” she is saying that if the purpose of the author is to create something new it is alright to write in that style.

Woolf did not want women to write like Charlotte Brontë in her novel Jane Eyre, but instead like Jane Austen.  What made Jane Austen a genius compared to Brontë was that Austen did not write with anger, but with an incandescent mind.  In other words, Austen wasn’t writing for the sake of breaking, but for the sake of creating.  Austen’s writing wasn’t bogged down with hatred from being oppressed as a woman, but instead her writing was filled with what she wanted to write about.


The fact that Virginia Woolf adapted to a new style of writing in the early twentieth century can only show proof of how strong of a woman she really was.  When most women cared about what men thought because they needed them to survive (because of financial reasons), Woolf did not need one.  Woolf had her own money to take care of herself, therefore she had no man or children to attend to.  She had more free time, and a room of her own to express her thoughts and write about what she wanted to write about.

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