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A Temporary Matter

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A Temporary Matter by Jhumpa Lahiri is a very emotional story. It stood it from all the other readings we have read during class. Also, it’s a story we all can relate in a way because it’s very modern. I can’t say we all know what it’s like to lose a child but I think we can all relate when you lose interest in someone or regaining a relationship with someone. The couple seem like the average couple that were going through some problems but then the story took a twist when the reader found out that the couple also lost a baby.


I think when the power goes off for the few days they have to literally confront each other with what has been going between them. Usually the dark covers everyone’s problems but with them just having candles light the room, they are showing that they are still in the dark about what they are seeing but the light represents a confession coming out.


“”What’s all this?” Shoba said when she came downstairs. Her hair was wrapped in a thick white towel. She undid the towel and draped it over a chair, allowing her hair, damp and dark, to fall across her back. As she walked absently toward the stove she took out a few tangles with her fingers. She wore a clean pair of sweatpants, a T-shirt, an old flannel robe. Her stomach was flat again, her waist narrow before the flare of her hips, the belt of the robe tied in a floppy knot.”

This paragraphs describes how Shukumar see Shoba for the first time like in a new perspective. He sees how pretty she actually is even if she is in just sweat pants. It’s a warming moment because he’s so use to seeing her just either walking out the door or only brief in the morning. But he sees as the woman he fell in love with. He sees her how gorgeous she is when she is all cleaned up and such.

The part that I think brings every thing together was when Shukumar finally confessed what their baby looked like after the baby passed away, “”Our baby was a boy,” he said. “His skin was more red than brown. He had black hair on his head. He weighed almost five pounds. His fingers were curled shut, just like yours in the night.”” The nights the power was out they would confess certain things and on the last night, he tells how the baby looked like and she becomes emotional of it because they never talked about it and she never knew what their future child could have looked like.

The story is emotional and the ending when she admits how she got a new apartment is unexpected. A very modern story that people can relate too and could feel the emotions with each paragraph.


One thought on “A Temporary Matter

  1. I am so glad I came across this post and how you emphasized on the same emotions that I went through while reading the story.

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