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The Story of Eve

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Many women characters throughout the bible do not have a voice. Many of their voices are hidden by many of the male voices. One example of this would be in the story of Adam and Eve

To sum up the story God created a man out of clay and placed in him in this beautiful garden. He was not allowed to eat the apple from the tree in the center of the garden. When god saw that he was lonely he created Eve. Eve and Adam loved each other’s company and decided to take a walk into the center of the garden. Eve decides to eat the fruit God forbid them to eat because a snake (otherwise known as Satan) convinces her to do so.  Adam then joins in. God tells them that a Messiah will come and Restore their relationship with Him due to their sin.

Throughout the entire story we hear all about Adam and how he was so great.  Eve was referred to as Adam’s helper she never had a voice. Not until Paula Gun Allen decided to give her one.

In her poem Eve the Fox she talks of Eve and how she feels her thoughts of the events were.  She talks of how strong and sly she was. It talks of how Eve had two characteristics of snakes. It said

“She was serpent wise and snake foolish,”

This goes to show that she was strong yet had a little weakness as well.

This poem gives the impression that Eve was proud of what she was doing. That she was not biting in the apple but the lovely “flesh” of Adam.

“she sighed inside and wiggled deliciously

while he bit deep into the white fleshy”

Another idea that the poem brought out was that Adam and Eve were embracing the fact that they were naked. In the original story they cover themselves with leaves and run and hide. In the poem however they embrace it and continue to eat the apple and enjoy everything about the moment.

“of his sweat, the strong center of his

muscled arms, she worshipped the dark hair

that fell over his chest in waves.

And together riding the current of this

altogether new knowing they had found,

they bit and chewed, bit and chewed.”

Overall the poem helps shine a light on a different aspect. We can see how interpretations of various events can be made.

Below is a reading of Adam and Eve from the bible.


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