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I Put A Spell On You, Vinegar Tom


Salem witch trails were probably the most confusing time and the most uneducated. People were going back and forth accusing each other for being witches. Even some animals got accused of being witches. It caught on like wild fire for people to blame people to be witches if that person bothered them.All people had to do was point fingers and say a lie how they changed water into blood or something like this. In Churchill’s play, Vinegar Tom she made it a point to show how easily woman were accused of being witches but she also brought up different points to focus on the social changes that was going on during the time she was writing this which was in 1976.

 Something To Burn      

What can we do, there’s nothing to do,

about sickness and hunger and dying.

What can we do, there’s nothing to do,

nothing but cursing and crying.

   Find something to burn.

   Let it go up in smoke.

   Burn your troubles away.

Sometimes it’s witches, or what will you choose?

Sometimes it’s lunatics, shut the away.

It’s black and it’s women and often it’s Jews.

We’d all be quite happy if they’d go away.

    Find something to burn

     Let it go up in smoke.

     Burn your trouble away.

The song pretty much describes how anyone would just play everyone to burn something. They would not care who it was, they would just burn it. If something went wrong. When someone’s crops would die, they would assume that a curse was put on them. If someone got sick, a witch must have hexed them. People weren’t not educated enough to know that sickness and losing crops were just part of life. They thought if they burned something that problems would all go away. But they kept coming back so people kept thinking that a witch just cursed the whole town. It was almost heart breaking that girls and even men would plead that they weren’t twitches but people accused them.


Also one of the other songs that stood out was Evil Woman.

Evil women.

Is that what you want?

Is That what you want to see?

In your movie dream

Do they scream and scream?

That song stood out because it’s saying that the world wants to see evil woman and nothing else. They do not want to see the good woman, they want to watch a woman go up in flames, not caring if she was innocent or not. It’s rather sad to think about. I think especially for the part, on your movie screen is that they are not focusing that these woman were real. The shock factor that they were actually killing innocent people was no where to be found. It was like they were living life like a movie so it took away reality.

A song that I felt was appropriate for this play was the song I Put A Spell On You.

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A Temporary Matter


A Temporary Matter by Jhumpa Lahiri is a very emotional story. It stood it from all the other readings we have read during class. Also, it’s a story we all can relate in a way because it’s very modern. I can’t say we all know what it’s like to lose a child but I think we can all relate when you lose interest in someone or regaining a relationship with someone. The couple seem like the average couple that were going through some problems but then the story took a twist when the reader found out that the couple also lost a baby.


I think when the power goes off for the few days they have to literally confront each other with what has been going between them. Usually the dark covers everyone’s problems but with them just having candles light the room, they are showing that they are still in the dark about what they are seeing but the light represents a confession coming out.


“”What’s all this?” Shoba said when she came downstairs. Her hair was wrapped in a thick white towel. She undid the towel and draped it over a chair, allowing her hair, damp and dark, to fall across her back. As she walked absently toward the stove she took out a few tangles with her fingers. She wore a clean pair of sweatpants, a T-shirt, an old flannel robe. Her stomach was flat again, her waist narrow before the flare of her hips, the belt of the robe tied in a floppy knot.”

This paragraphs describes how Shukumar see Shoba for the first time like in a new perspective. He sees how pretty she actually is even if she is in just sweat pants. It’s a warming moment because he’s so use to seeing her just either walking out the door or only brief in the morning. But he sees as the woman he fell in love with. He sees her how gorgeous she is when she is all cleaned up and such.

The part that I think brings every thing together was when Shukumar finally confessed what their baby looked like after the baby passed away, “”Our baby was a boy,” he said. “His skin was more red than brown. He had black hair on his head. He weighed almost five pounds. His fingers were curled shut, just like yours in the night.”” The nights the power was out they would confess certain things and on the last night, he tells how the baby looked like and she becomes emotional of it because they never talked about it and she never knew what their future child could have looked like.

The story is emotional and the ending when she admits how she got a new apartment is unexpected. A very modern story that people can relate too and could feel the emotions with each paragraph.

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Mrs. Grimm, Sylvia Plath

tumblr_ltqefsWPGv1qgo2b4o1_500Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath has a very unique writing style. She was definitely way before her time which I think each writer we have learned about was. No one has really seen any dark writings like hers before. Even the music that was around during her time was not as dark as her poems. I decided to call this blog Mrs. Grimm because her poem The Disquieting Muses reminded me so much of a twisted fairy tale and that is exactly how the Grimm brothers wanted their work to be like.


“ When on tiptoe the schoolgirls danced,
Blinking flashlights like fireflies
And singing the glowworm song, I could
Not lift a foot in the twinkle-dress
But, heavy-footed, stood aside
In the shadow cast by my dismal-headed
Godmothers, and you cried and cried:
And the shadow stretched, the lights went out. “

That part of the poem, The Disquieting Muses stuck out to me the most. She starts out as the image of school girls dancing, happily. But then she refers to a girl who was not like the others and could ‘not lift a foot in the twinkle-dress’. She’s referring to being part of the out cast group. She was not like the other girls who would be in their fancy dresses; she’s saying she did not belong in that world. It is also interesting that she brings up Godmothers because in fairy tales, a girl would have a fairy Godmother that would bring happiness and joy to the girl. But in this poem, the Godmother seems to describe the ‘heavy- footed’ girl as if she is a shadow that shuts off all the lights in the world referring to happiness. It was just an interesting poem because people expect to read poems about happy fairy tales but she shocks her readers.

“Day now, night now, at head, side, feet,
They stand their vigil in gowns of stone,
Faces blank as the day I was born,
Their shadows long in the setting sun
That never brightens or goes down.

And this is the kingdom you bore me to,
Mother, mother. But no frown of mine
Will betray the company I keep.”

This part of the poem interested me also. Throughout the poem she refers to a mother as if the poem is directed to a mother. When a person hears fairy tales, they usually think of a mother because a mother is the one telling their children about them and how they will meet their prince charming one day or saying how the world is a fairy tale. But the line ‘this is the kingdom you bore me to’, Plath in a way saying that she hates this fairy tale world because it’s not like what it was promised to her when she was growing up.

I truly believe this poem is about how the world is not what people expect. The world is not a fairy tale, it actually is full of darkness and evil in the way that Plath describes it in the poem. In this poem the girl sees the world in a darker way while everyone else is blinded with the thought of castles and a prince charming. I feel like Plath was definitely inspired by The Grimm Brothers because the Grimm Brothers did not sugar coat anything and made their stories twisted and dark and Sylvia has the same sense of writing as them. Even though, they did not write poems but they did show the darker side of the world to people.

Also, a song that does make a referance to Plath and the song has the same dark lyrics that Plath would write.

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If you love them let them go: The Awakening


The Awakening by Kate Chopin was probably my favorite stories.  The story was slow in the beginning but it began to pick up the pace when the reader started seeing the connection between Edna and Robert. I could not imagine being a woman in that time and reading The Awakening and being shocked by that a woman is falling in love with another man but she is married and has kids. It just was not common back then because marriage back then was for the social reasons. If a man and woman were not in love then it was too bad for them and they should have to suck it up or society would look down upon them. Girls could not just leave their husbands, if they did people would talk about them and being part of a social circle was a pretty big deal back then.

I guess the part that shocked me the most in the book was after Robert and Edna confessed their love for each other and Edna finds him gone when she comes back. I was hoping when she came back that they would just have this big, sappy moment together. But she finds a note instead, “I love you. Goodbye-because I love you.” (p. 776) It shocked me because I thought Robert really wanted to be with her but then I realized while they were confessing their love for each other, Edna pretty much said that she would not marry Robert. “I give myself where I choose. If he were to say, ‘Here, Robert, take her and be happy; she is yours.’ I should laugh at you both.” (p.772) Edna admits here that even if Robert is the love of her life, she will never marry him because she does not want to be tied down. It just shows that Robert decided to leave because he knew that he could never have Edna. Edna wanted to be a free spirit. She loved Robert with all her heart buts he just didn’t want that kind of commitment. Robert was also had a good spot in the social world and he did not want to ruin that because of Edna and he knew that she was still married and he had respect for that.

I do not think Edna really knew the reason why Robert left or understood it at all. I think she was just heartbroken and she couldn’t understand what she said wrong. I do not think sherealized that she actually did tell Robert that she would never be his. Image